Friday, November 18, 2011

Riverside Camp

In the holidays me and my brother Semaia got invited to a camp, it was for a club at Pt England school called Riverside club,I was so excited when my aunties showed up to pick us up but at the same time I was a bit nervous but my aunties told me that I would be all right.

When we got to Pt England school me and Semaia went and sat down with all the other the kids on the car park and this girl named Paulitia was calling out every ones names, when it came to my name I just raised my hand and said quietly “here” everyone turned back and looked at me because hardly anyone knew me then my friends Sesalena and Sesalia arrived they saw me then they came and sat down next to me.

When all the names were called out the Prince- able, Russel, spoke to us then said “everybody please put all your luggage in the back of Mr Clark’s car thank you.” Once everyone was sorted Russel asked all the year eights to go up the front, my brother was a year eight so he went up the front, next asked them all to pray for a fun and safe week.

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