Friday, July 1, 2011

A stroll around and old volcanic cone!

I awoke on a lovely Monday morning, today wasn’t any Monday today was the Queens birthday and it was a holiday! My Mum and Dad decided that we would go for a walk around the Panmure basin. “But I don’t want to walk around the basin” I complained to my Mum “it'll be fun” she said trying to make it sound fun. About one minute latter I walked downstairs to the car waiting for everyone else to come, I saw the skateboard and started playing with it. After I had been on the skateboard for awhile I fell over and landed on the ground. Ana heard the big bang and came down to help me up but instead she came down and hopped in the car Mum heard it and came down and helped me.

Soon it was time to go to the basin. At first I had no idea what the Panmure basin was, hence, I wasn't very excited about it either. When we got there I realised I had been there before and it had an awesome play ground. Maybe I would like it. Before we started Dad taught us some exercises while we were waiting for Mum to get the pram out of the car. After about four minutes we finally started. There were two poles stuck together so I asked “what are those things Dad?” I asked mysteriously “those are exercises” he answered ,“can we do them please?” I replied, “that's were I was just heading” he said. For this exercise we had to climb onto both of the bars walk across them with our hands. I got the second highest out of the whole family and I only walked across two times it’s very, very hard. Then, we started to walk again this time I walked with Mum, Jedida, Dad, Talita and Ana.

Awhile later we spotted the next exercise, I figured out that you lie down on a plank of wood which tilted like a slide and you had to pull yourself up as well as pulling your feet up in the air. There were three levels, the first one I got to do twenty of them, the second one I got to do nineteen and the third one I sadly only got to do one. After that me and Ana went and sat on the edge of the wall that held the water away for awhile, then it was finally time to go to the next exercises. This time we crossed a little cute bridge.

After we had crossed the bridge the pram came running up towards Mum and me so we started running. We turned around and Dad called out “you two run very similar” we turned around and laughed with big smiles on our faces. Not far ahead was a playground and I asked if we could play, Mum responded back with “why not!” and a little laugh at the end. When we got to the playground there was a man and his two children already there, but they headed on to the boat ramp. Me and Ana followed them, they spied a beautiful white kind of bird but it wasn't a dove it was bigger than a dove and it wasn't as white as a dove, we continued our journey. Next we came across our next exercise was “Monkey Bars” Talita shouted out very loudly. She ran up to them but she couldn't reach the bars so “Daddy I need help” she said in complaint, “I’m coming sweetie” he answered back in a sweet voice.

When it was finally my turn Mum then called “time to start of again” “but..but..but” “no buts” so for that exercise I didn't get a turn. After running up a steep hill and seeing a massive house we got to the Panmure Basin bridge, I was pretty scared because this sounds impossible but my eight year old sister Ana was shaking the bridge and it felt like it was going to fall down any minuet. I ran off the bridge and Ana ran off and started laughing at me as well as clapping her hands “you should of seen your face” “ha ha ha very funny” I shot back at her.

Once Mum had got across the blue and white bridge we started jogging again. Next we arrived at another bridge, but this time it was smaller and it was wooden and from this one we could see people fishing and there was fish jumping out of the water it looked really cool. Unfortunately my Mum took two videos and nothing came up she also took two pictures and she just missed them so we carried on jogging. Dad and the girls were far ahead and we finally caught up to them.

There was another play ground, it was Ana’s favourite play ground in the entire world so we stopped and played for a while. Ana and Talita were having a fantastic time but I complained because I couldn't do much on the park so after about five minutes we were heading back on our journey around the basin. Next we arrived at our next exercise it was when you had to jump up onto the planks of wood with one foot at a time really fast, my legs were to sore to do it so I stayed back and watched them. Not long after we left, there was one more exercise but it was on a hill so we didn't go and do it, but then we spotted the white house that we started at “yeah” I shouted “we’re nearly there” Ana shouted. In the park we played a game that we made up a long time ago. After a play on the other park it was time to home again.

What a great memory I have of Queens Birthday Monday 2011.

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  1. Greg & Chris VaafusuagaJuly 3, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    Our daughter,
    What an amazing piece of writing! Wow we love the expression, the variety of sentence beginnings and vocabulary. Beautiful Lia. We are so proud of you,sweety!. Write more!
    You have always been good at story writing, but we both feel this is the best that you have ever done so far.You really captured the essence of the day. Thank you for re-living that special time.It was a great memory for us too. Love you always , Mum and Dad