Friday, June 17, 2011

My Science

This term for science we have been experiencing sinking and floating. It was amazing what we found out what sunk and what floated.

A few weeks ago we challenged our self to a sinking and floating challenge. It was amazing what floated and what sunk. We found out that some balls like for example a rugby ball it would float because it has air in it and the air makes it lighter so it floats.

We tested these things:

A spoon(sunk), a piece of bark(sunk), a red ball(floated), some pebbles(sunk), two balls of clay(sunk), a green bead(sunk),and a paper towel(floated).

I wonder what we will discover next week.

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  1. . It is good that in science you are studying floating and sinking as a famous mathematician call Archimedes identified why things float and sink. You should research about "Archimedes principle” and yes 1 cubic CM of water has a weight of 1 gm.