Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Holiday Recount

Finally the girls from the Welsh family were here, Danielle and Cassie. Do you know why they were here? For the Kreative kids holiday program that my Aunty Lizzy ran at her house. When they got inside we started Kreative Kids with a song called ‘I Can Sing Of Your Love Forever’. Next we said a memory verse that goes like this “treat others the way you want to be treated’ Matthew ch7 v12.

After that Aunty Lizzy said who was going where “okay Malia and Talita are in the kitchen with me, Destiny is on the PlayStation, Danielle and Sally are on ukulele and the rest of you can use the art box, it has pens and pencils in it and activity books. Another thing to do is to prepare for the concert on Friday night, every one has to be in can go now”.

When I got to the kitchen, Aunty Lizzy asked me and Talita what we wanted to make. She said we had to use the rest of the Weet-bix so I suggested weet-bix brownie. Next Aunty Lizy asked us which machine we wanted to use, microwave or oven. We both agreed on microwave so Aunty Lizzy got out the recipe to the microwave brownie and we started to make it.

First we put in a spoon of cocoa in a long bowl, then we put in some flour. When we had finished Aunty Lizzy put it into the microwave for 15 minutes. Next Aunty Lizzy said “lets cut up some pieces of fruit because I don't think brownie is enough and neither is just fruit and brownie”
“I know” I said
“do you have any biscuits Aunty Lizzy?” I asked
“yes I do” she answered “ great thinking Malia”.

Later when we had finished cutting up the fruit my sister Talita went to her PlayStation lesson so it was only me and Aunty Lizzy left. Once the brownie had finished cooking I cut it up and put it with the jam tarts. There was some brownie crumbs left so Danielle and I made brownie balls, they looked very yummy. Once everything was finished, Danielle called everyone to the table for morning tea so at once everyone came. When we had put everything on the table it was time to eat. While we were eating Aunty Lizzy called out who was going where next “Malia is on the PlayStation and Cassie and Ana are on ukuleles and the rest are on the activity box”.

Once I had finished eating I walked straight into the garage for my PlayStation lesson with my cousin Jack. First Jack asked me what game I wanted to play I said “I want to play ‘I Toy“ which is sort of like ‘Wii’ but there is a little camera and you take photos with it and things like that so I played that and then I wanted Jack to teach me another game called ‘Over The Hedge Bumper cars’. When I had finished my lesson on PlayStation the Mums called out for lunch. Now this was sort of like schoo,l so we had lunch boxes. When we had all finished our lunch my Mum called out “an hour of playing”
“yes” we all said secretly to ourselves.

After lunch time Odelle, Danielle and Cassie’s mum came and did scrap booking with us. Soon it was time for the girls to go home, so I went and said goodbye to Danielle and then it was the end of the day!

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  1. Sounds like you had a marvellous holiday. You have made me feel hungry just reading about the Brownies. You didn't say how they turned out!

    Keep up the great posting Malia

    Mrs Burt