Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I Think About Learning Goals

It is clear to me that learning goals are great for learning. I think this because they give you a focus to your learning.

Learning goals are especially good for the things you are not so good at, for example I’m not so good at my times tables. My main goal is to work most of the time independently and I know this is important as it will improve my ability to develop as well as learn my timestables.

Many people also agree that learning goals are great for learning. Learning goals can be either big or small here is an example of a big one: To get an honours badge in year eight, that is very hard to achieve. Now here is an example of a small goal: Learn more things this year, that isn't that hard to do.

Imagine yourself in a position with no goals at all, with no goals then there would be nothing to work towards or nothing to work on and then you won’t learn much. Yes you would be a lost sole drifting.

Another reason why learning goals are good is that they give you a warm feeling and it shows you have ambition, something to work towards and that can be fun if you have a prize at the end. Guess what if it was a prize or something you really like, for example we have something called a ‘Marble jar’ at home and every time we do something wonderful we get a marble added and when we full it up we get to do something like get something or go somewhere special.

That is my opinion on learning goals.

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  1. You seem to have a clear understanding of your learning goals - and now you have even finished your first marble jar (and what a fun reward that was!!) - maybe we should add practicing your times tables to the list of ways to earn a marble!
    Proud of you as always Malia.
    Love Mum x