Friday, June 3, 2011

My Big Day

It was 5.30 in the morning my mum and my baby sister were driving to 'Under Belly' set. On the way to set there was a car in front of us that was going in the same direction as we were, so we followed them there to set. On the way there I said "maybe he's the boy that's going to play my brother". When we got there we found out he was the boy playing my brother! His name was Isac. Next, a man out of the crew told us to hop in a van and they would take us to location one. There was a lady named Rachel who would be there and would look after me and Isac. Once we left, Jedida woke up and she wondered where we were so Mum told her that we were on set. Once we got there, Rachel immediately came to meet us. Then she took us to the wardrobe to get dressed, Isac let me get dressed first. On Monday, I had my wardrobe check, its when you go and someone checks and makes sure that you’ve got a costume for shooting day. I was very surprised at what my first costume was, it was a long sleeved white top and blue jeans with a flower in the corner, then bear feet. Next Rachel took me and Isac to the hair and make up caravan. First, she introduced me and Isac to Tracy. Tracy told me and Isac to sit down on one of the chairs so we did. Isac’s hair and make up was done in a minute. After about half an hour my hair and make up was finally done. My hair was in two pig tails and green ribbons in my pig tails and then my pig tails hung down over my shoulders. For make up was just a little bit of foundation. Next,Tracy called Rachel to come and pick me up. When Rachel came to pick me up she said “ you are looking gorgeous”. Then she took me to where Isac and his mum and my mum and Jedida were sitting. Once I took my seat ,Rachel asked me and Isac if we wanted a hot chocolate,“Yes please” we both said. So then Rachel made us a delicious hot chocolate each. Next, Rachel asked me and Isac to go with her to do some filming at the beach, we both answered back “okay”. “Okay Poppy and Nicolas” Rachel said “this is Holly and Mark they are playing your Mum and Dad”. “Hi Poppy and Nicolas” Holly said “what’s your guys real names?” Mark asked “ my real name is Isac” “and I’m Malia” we said one after another, After that Rachel started driving. When we were driving out the drive way a truck suddenly drove in front of us and we nearly crashed into it! Once we got to set, another lady named Sarah came to get Mark, but Holly went to, to take pictures of him so it was just me, Rachel and Isac left in the car. A few hours later , Rachel bought us out of the car to meet the director and do our scene. First, Rachel took us down to the beach where Mark was, and then Rachel told us what to do, “okay, so you guys have just been fishing for a few hours okay” “okay” we both answered back. “Where is our rods and buckets and things?” I asked “oh it’s coming soon” she answered back. After about three minutes a man came to bring us the props it was a bucket, a little tool bag and two rods and then Rachel gave me and Isac a rod each and told us to take off our boots and shoes so we did. Next Mark told us to tell some jokes and look down or at each other. Next the director Mike shouted “and action” “so do you think we should eat the big one tonight and give Mum the littlest one ah” “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” we all laughed “ and cut” Mike shouted “good job” Mark said while he walked away “ that was great” Rachel said later on, you guys can go back to the garage now and rest that was your first scene you’ve got four to go” she then said. When we got back to the garage the Mums were there and Jedida ,I asked “how did you guys get here?” they answered back “we got here in a van” “oh okay”. “Malia do you want to play the game of life on my I phone?” Isac asked “okay” I answered back. “Okay you go first” Isac said. Awhile later another lady named Lizzy came and helped us get dressed for our scene. My next costume was my favorite costume! It was a white t- shirt with some little beads and little things like that on it, then I had a little green cardy, and then I had the same jeans except this time I had my jeans rolled down. This time for my scene me and Isac got to play swing ball. Before we filmed the scene it started to rain so me and Isac started to play cards. After we had filmed the scene six times we could finally go back to the garage and rest. When we got back from our scene Lizzy came and helped us get changed back into our first costume. When we got back into our seats some people shouted out “ time for lunch” so all of the crew and mum and Kate walked down to the little bar down the road for a yummy lunch! For lunch I had two pieces of schnitzel two hot potatoes and a little bit of salad. Next mum, me and Jedida walked back to the garage. We waited for a long, long time for our next scene, it was funny because a lady came and got us but it wasn't time for our scene and she made us wait for twenty five minuets and then she finally realised it wasn't time yet for our scene. After about an hour we finally were ready for us to film our next one. This time we were doing it with both of our parents. This time we had to pretend that we were just walking and then we see dad on the beach and mum wants to talk to him so she tells us to go and play on the beach, we filmed this one four times. Next Lizzy took us to the garage and we got changed. My next costume was a white t- shirt, a mini dress, some white eighties shoes and a beautiful blue butterfly necklace with a silver chain. For our next scene we got to play cricket, I had to pretend that I didn't now how to bowl, Mark threw the ball first and I threw the ball second.The first time it hit on the beach and Holly went to get it, when I threw it, it landed in the garden and Holly went to get it. We filmed it once. After that we walked back to the garage and a man in a van came to pick us up so we could go back to base. We got changed signed our selvesaaa out and went home. And that was my big filming day.


  1. Hi Malia,
    I love your writing and you had a long Big Day!

  2. Hi my beautiful daughter,

    Daddy is so sorry that he hasn't replied so far. To be honest Lia I and Mummy have to get in to the habit of looking at your blog regularly.

    I'm so proud of you Lia. Wow what you described in your big day blog is so well detailed that I know what you went through without being there.
    You are so good at writing. Love you always Daddy

  3. What a fantastic story you have to tell Malia! I am wondering what the film is though. Are you able to tell us more or is it a secret? It sunds like an amazing experience.

    Keep up the great work.

    Mrs Burt

  4. Wow Malia,
    You have done such an excellent job of capturing our day on the Underbelly set! It was lots of fun on set, and you did so well acting, being brave and coping with the long drawn-outness of it all!
    We are so proud of you - and you are so gifted at writing. Keep the recounts coming.
    Love Mum x

  5. Wow, Malia. Amazing writing! SO much detail. I agree with Mum, you are gifted at writing. Beautiful. Love Aunty Lizzy xxx