Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mothers Day...a special day!!!

“Shh” my Dad whispered back to us “ tip toe” he whispered again, today is a Sunday but not any Sunday today is mothers day! You’re probably wondering why my Dad and my brother and sisters are whispering and not talking so loud well I’ll explain it to you, on mothers day or fathers day we have a tradition that when it is either day we give them breakfast in bed, we carried on our journey down the hallway.

Finally we reached my mums room suddenly we started to sing “ Happy Mothers day to you happy mothers day to you”, I finally got in the door with the tray filled with her breakfast on it. Next Mum said “that she wouldn't eat all of the food” so she told “Ana to go and get her an other plate”, so Ana raced to the kitchen and got a plate from the cupboard and came back. When Mum had got the the plate she started scraping with her fork three pieces of bacon and three eggs onto the spear plate then she said “here is your breakfast”, “yes” Ana then said. We all of the children except for me ran to the kitchen . I wanted to stay and talk, when I had finished talking to mum I went to the kitchen to have some bacon and eggs but when I had reached the kitchen Dad had just shoved the last piece of bacon and the last egg into his mouth so I ran back down to Mums room and she gave me some. “ Time to go to church” my Dad yelled so we all hopped into the car and went to church.

After church we went to the sushi bar to get our lunch! We bought three packets one for Mum and the rest we shared, at the bar we saw a lady making sushi she was so fast it actually looked like it was fast forwarding. Once we got our sushi we carried on home, in the car Mum asked “so what’s for desert?”she asked mysteriously “ cheese cake” we all shouted at once “should we go and get it now?” she asked “sure” Dad answered back. Mum chose a Jamaican chess cake, “I wouldn't of minded a marble chess cake” Mum said while looking at it with delight.

Once we got home Dad said “who's hungry” “me” everyone shouted as they all ran to the table. Once we had got to the table, we started to eat. We all got three pieces of sushi each except for Mum she got a whole box to herself.

After a while it was dinner time, so Dad, Jedida and me went to get our dinner at roast world! We got two packets of family packs and one lamb roast covered in mint gravy. “yummy” Ana said at the table.

That was my 2011 mothers day!

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  1. What a treat of a day Mother's Day was for me this year Malia!! It's just as well we don't eat like that every day - or that 20 kg I lost might just find it's way back!!!
    Malia, can you make sure you go back and check your spelling and punctuation?
    I'm loving reading more of your writing - you are getting very good at it!
    Love Mum x