Friday, April 8, 2011

The New Class

“Maxine” Miss Oldfield shouted out. Miss Oldfield was handing out the net-book's for Mr Hooker’s class. After a few more other names Miss Oldfield then shouted out “Malia” I said in my mind “but I am not in the new class” then I said it out loud. So Miss Oldfield explained that I was in the new class and that someone had taken my letter to tell my parents that I was in a new class. So with that I took my books my pencil red pen and of course net-book and quickly walked to my new Thursday class room - the library.

When I first walked into the library the year 7 people were working on a maths sheet. My friend in Mr Hooker’s class is Maxine. The first thing we did was get our tout trays. My tout tray number was supposed to be number 7 but someone else took number 7 so instead I took number 8. After getting our tout trays we brought them to the main part of the library.

When I first got in the main part of the library Mr Hooker asked us (year 6) to get out our net-books and carry on with our story. Since I hadn't been there before I had a look at the plan or brain storm they had written out. They were writing about the net-book experience. So after looking at the brainstorm for about 3 minutes I took a seat at the only table left with only boys. It wouldn't of mattered if I sat at either table because they both had only boys because Maxine was sitting at an other table with the year 7 girls and Cathrine was not there.

Once I had logged into my net-book I went into g-edit (our typing page on our net-book on accessories that we can use if we can not login or get into the Internet) I started to write. After about five or six minutes the bell rang for morning tea. At morning tea I was telling both my friends (Siniva and Lezabelle) how cool and awesome the new class was but how sad I was that I was not really in their class any more. Soon the bell rang again and my friends sadly walked me to my classroom.

When I got into the class Mr Hooker asked us to get our library books out and give them to the people at the desk (in the library). I had to ask Mr Hooker if I could get my library book (Under cover Dawn) because I had left it in my bag and my bag was hanging up with room six’s (my normal class) cloakroom. So I ran back to room six. When I got back (from room six) Mr Hooker asked me to give it to the person at the desk (Robertana) so they could return it and I could pick another book. The book I chose was a book called ‘The Rain Girl’.

Next Mr Hooker asked us to go back to our writing on the net-book and carry on our story. After about three more minutes Mr Hooker asked us to get out our strand book (maths book) and then he gave us a maths book called “figure it out”, then he asked us to turn to page two. Next he asked us to draw up exactly the same as the book. So that's what I did. then suddently “ring” the bell rang I sighed. It was time to go back to room six and my friends. After a prayer I ran back to the classroom.