Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Netbook Experience

The first thing on Monday morning we signed a contract as it was the start of the netbook project in our school, as we're are part of the Manaiakalani project. It was an awesome Monday 7th of March for rooms 6 & 7, for both classes it was breathtaking.

The first thing we did after signing the contract was to gently get our net books out of their boxes. The instructions to opening the interesting looking boxes were simple. First we had to carefully turn our boxes around to look at a special number called a Serial Number. Next we had to give our Serial Number to one of the adults walking around the class room, I gave my Serial Number to Miss G. “Next I want you to carefully turn it back around to the other side and then wait till I say the next instruction”

The instructions continued for awhile, but eventually we got to use our netbooks and explore what they could do to help us with our learning.

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  1. And now you are an old hand with your netbook! I hope you are enjoying it. Next year you might be able to help the younger children get started.